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About the AAU personal profile


The AAU personal profile is a feature used for displaying Aalborg University employee data. The website can be used as an important external profiling tool as well as an internal reference tool.

Data Sources

The AAU personal profile service integrates and displays data from the University’s PersonDataSystem (PDS), the Aalborg University Research Database (VBN), and selected data from the employee database Scanpas.

Who has an AAU personal profile?

All AAU employees as well as external persons having an employee ID number at AAU automatically have a personal profile, through which they can display their personal data.


The content is database based. Changes in data are automatically updated immediately. If you wish to add information to the content or change your personal profile data, please see below.

Application version

AAU personal profile 2.1.5, 25-02-2014


PDS data

Editing is done directly in the PersonDataSystem (PDS). Questions can be directed to IT support at support@its.aau.dk or at telephone number 9940 2020.

VBN data

Editing is done directly in the Aalborg University Research Database (VBN). Questions can be directed to your local VBN reporter or the VBN editors at vbn@aub.aau.dk.

Basic Data

You cannot edit the basic data yourself, as they are generated by AAU’s personnel system ScanPas. If you wish these data to be edited, please contact the HR Department at hr@adm.aau.dk

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